Takaya Young’s Final Moments Captured on Bodycam – A Heartbreaking Incident Sparks

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Takaya Young's Final Moments

Bodycam footage released in ohio police shooting of pregnant woman

Tragic Police Shooting of Pregnant Woman Unfolds in Ohio – Watch the Disturbing Footage

Takaya Young’s Final Moments Captured on Bodycam – A Heartbreaking Incident Sparks Legal Questions

Legal Expert Analyzes Shooting: Criminal Charges Loom as Family Seeks Justice

The Shocking Video: Takaya Young’s Final Moments

unfortunately we’re talking about this disturbing police body cam footage now that’s just been released it’s showing the final moments of a pregnant black woman’s life takaya young was shot and killed by officers in an ohio grocery store parking lot last week we froze the video just before the shooting occurred but we still want to warn you that it’s going to be pretty difficult to watch out the car get out of the car today that 21 year old’s name is takaya young and was suspected of shoplifting in the

The Fatal Confrontation

columbus suburb well the mother of two was shot and killed after police say she accelerated her car toward an officer trying to stop her the unborn child did not survive london township police chief said in a statement on wednesday the department was reviewing and redacting the video before its release the chief also saying that he spoke to the family’s attorney and that he’s appreciative of his help coordinating with the family during this difficult time joining me how to talk about this former homicide prosecutor criminal

defense attorney bernarda villalona so bernard i guess first of all i just want to get your reaction to the video from a legal standpoint very difficult to watch this video because there are no winners winners in this case unfortunately the life of a 21 year old woman was lost and then the question is is someone criminally responsible for it i can see the arguments on both sides it’s the issue of fact did this officer believe that his life was an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury and if that’s

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Takaya Young’s Final Moments Captured on Bodycam – A Heartbreaking Incident Sparks

the case then there wouldn’t be any charges then if you look at from the side of the victim here was she nervous was she scared was she intending to actually drive through the officer and injure the officer that’s a question that would probably will never know so is there anything about this shooting that could be seen in that video right and there’s always more to the video there’s minutes you know before and after we’re seeing this part but from what you could see anything they’re justifiable or is you think these

officers will face charges and you know do you need to see the rest of the video so i do need to see additional video footage and actually probably play that video a couple more times because there is the question of fact that being where was the officer exactly at the moment where miss young accelerated her vehicle and did she accelerate after all before uh he actually went in in front of this vehicle i think because there’s an issue of fact there still has to be additional investigation the question would be is

Seeking Justice For takaya young

whether the district attorney’s office would put this case before grand jury and let a grand jury determine the issue of fact what it was reasonable for this officer to fire into a moving vehicle if the vehicle was actually moving at that time got it all right well an attorney for the young family says that the family has been frustrated with delays in the police department timeline here of releasing the body cam footage we just saw it’s out there publicly now they were able to see the video before it was

Takaya Young’s Final Moments Captured on Bodycam – A Heartbreaking Incident Sparks

made public what kind of legal action if any are they able to take here so there are a couple of avenues obviously criminally that will be up to a prosecutor’s office to determine whether criminal charges are going to be bought in this case but in terms of the civil case they can bring a civil case the question will be will they be successful at equitable case you have to think with the civil case in a criminal case they’re different burdens so while the criminal burdens beyond a reasonable doubt with a civil burden is more likely

than not was it reasonable wasn’t necessary for this officer to shoot into a moving vehicle that was allegedly going towards his direction you also have the administrative charges but the administrative charges more has to do with whether the officer violated any of the office uh procedure and whether that officer should continue still serving as a police officer but for now i think we still have to wait and see it’s only been a week while it does seem like a long time for the family and for the public you have to think that an

Patience Amidst Investigation

investigation like this takes time in terms of interviewing witnesses seeing what happened before after interviewing the officers getting all the body cameras footage any 911 calls so there’s a lot to look into this but i’m not concerned about what happened allegedly prior and that being the theft in the supermarket because that is not a reason to shoot an individual points well made bernardo villalona always great to have you uh on issues like this of course thanks so much thank you hi everyone george stephanopoulos here

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