Best 10 Viral 2024 Recipes You Have to Try

1. Try these easy, delicious meals.

1. Try these easy, delicious meals.

2. Warm up with cozy classics like chicken noodle soup.

3. Or whip up a 30-minute kielbasa & sauerkraut skillet.

4. Roasted broccoli with a secret: preheat the pan!

5. Honey garlic salmon: 5 ingredients, 20 minutes, wow!

6. Sweet & savory 3-ingredient corn soup in a pinch.

7. Sheet pan salad: roasted sweet potatoes, crispy chickpeas & feta.

8. Penicillin cocktail: warm up with ginger, honey & scotch.

9. Parmesan-crusted carrots: sweet, jammy & oh-so-good.

10. And don't forget homemade chicken noodle soup!