This Tea Will TURN Your Night Upside Down! (10 Easy Steps)

Gather your squad: Five friends, five spirits. Rum, gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec – it's a party in a glass!

Sweet & sour serenade: 3/4 oz lemon juice and simple syrup join the party. Tangy, sweet, and ready to tango.

Cola chorus: Top it off with cola's bubbly beat. Light or dark, it's your call. Let the fizz complete the feat!

Dress to impress: Classy coupe or fun-loving highball? Choose your glass, let your style enthrall.

Citrusy crown: A lemon wedge, the final flair. A taste of sunshine, a tropical affair

Salute the sip: Raise your glass, let the flavors ignite. Long Island Iced Tea, pure summertime delight.

Sip slow, savor deep: This ain't no one-shot spree. Nurse it long, let the good vibes seep.

One, two, maybe three: Remember, friends, this drink packs a punch. Pace yourself, don't get in a lunch.

Liit it up responsibly: Enjoy the taste, the fun, the scene. But always drink smart, keep it serene.

Bonus tip: Feeling fruity? Swap the cola for grapefruit soda for a tangy twist!

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