Alicia Allain Net Worth – How Much is He Worth Now

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Alicia Allain Net Worth - How Much is He Worth Now

Alicia Allain Net Worth estimated at $1 million

Alicia Allain Net Worth 2024

Alicia Allain Net Worth estimated at $1 million reflects the success she achieved in the entertainment industry. Her monthly earnings were reported to be around $ 50,000. While specific details about her financial portfolio remain undisclosed Alicia’s contributions to the film world were undoubtedly significant.

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Alicia Allain Biography

Full NameAlicia Ann Allain (née Schneider)
Birth DateJuly 14, 1969
Birth PlaceBrusly, Louisiana, USA
Date of DeathFebruary 21, 2023 (aged 53)
Place of DeathHolden, Louisiana, USA
Cause of DeathBreast cancer
Spouse(s)John Schneider (2019-2023), Patrick Dollard
ChildrenJessica Ann Dollard
Height5′ 0″ (1.52 m)
ProfessionActress, Producer, Hair Stylist
Known ForLeather Jackets (1991), Caged Fear (1991), The Badge (2002)
TriviaWas the wife of actor John Schneider
Alicia Allain Biography/Wiki

Alicia Allain a prominent American actress and filmmaker captured the hearts of many with her talent and charm. Born on July 14 1969 in South Louisiana Alicia began her journey in the film industry as a hairstylist. Her career took a significant turn when she transitioned to acting starring in notable films such as “Caged Fear” (1991) “Leather Jackets” (1991) and “The Badge” (2002).

Alicia Allain Net Worth - How Much is He Worth Now

Alicia Allain Net Worth – How Much is He Worth Now

Alicia gained further recognition when she married the well-known actor and producer John Schneider famous for his role in Dukes of Hazzard. Before her untimely demise on February 21 2023 at the age of 53 Alicia had established herself as a multifaceted entertainer.

Alicia Allain’s Early Life

Alicia was born to Michael Allain (father) and Linda Marino Allain (mother). Raised in South Louisiana she had an older brother named Brandy Michael Allain. Her childhood passion for acting paved the way for a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Alicia Allain and John Schneider

Alicia Allain’s connection with John Schneider the star of “Dukes of Hazzard ” began in 2015 when she started working in John’s film production. Over time their friendship blossomed into a love relationship. The couple kept their romance private initially but eventually announced their marriage publicly on September 29, 2019. Alicia Allain was John Schneider’s third wife following Tawny Little (1983–1986) and Elly Castle (1993–2019). Together Alicia and John had a daughter named Jessica Ann Dollard.

Alicia Allain’s Battle with Breast Cancer

On February 21 2022, Alicia Allain tragically succumbed to breast cancer after a prolonged battle. Her husband John Schneider announced her death on February 22 sharing the news on Facebook. Alicia’s passing left her family including her daughter Jessica Ann Dollard and husband John Schneider in emotional turmoil.

Alicia Allain Net Worth - How Much is He Worth Now
Alicia Allain Net Worth – How Much is He Worth Now

Alicia Allain Family

Born to Michael Allain and Linda Marino Allain Alicia hailed from a close-knit family in South Louisiana. She shared a strong bond with her elder brother Brandy Michael Allain. Alicia’s life took a new turn when she met John Schneider in 2015 while working in his film production. The couple kept their relationship private initially but publicly announced their marriage in 2019. Alicia Allain became the third wife of John Schneider following marriages with Tawny Little and Elly Castle. The couple had a daughter Jessica Ann Dollard born from Alicia’s previous marriage with John Patrick Dollard in 1994.

Alicia Allain Schneider Cause of Death

On February 21 2023, the world lost Alicia Allain to breast cancer. Her battle with the disease was a testament to her strength and resilience. John Schneider shared the heartbreaking news on social media expressing his pain over the loss of his beloved wife. Alicia’s passing left her family including daughter Jessica Ann Dollard and her husband John Schneider in profound grief.

Alicia Allain And John Schneider Social Media Facts

Alicia and John’s love story unfolded on social media where they shared glimpses of their life. Despite facing personal challenges the couple collaborated on inspiring movies like “Anderson Bench ” “Christmas Cars ” and “Like Son.” John Schneider’s poignant posts on Instagram reflected the deep love he held for Alicia even after her passing.

Alicia Allain Net Worth - How Much is He Worth Now
Alicia Allain Net Worth – How Much is He Worth Now

Alicia Allain’s Social Media Accounts

To remember Alicia Allain and her contributions her social media accounts provide a glimpse into her vibrant life and the love she shared with John Schneider.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

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Alicia Allain Schneider Obituary

As we bid farewell to Alicia Allain we remember her as a talented actress a loving wife and a devoted mother. Her legacy lives on through the films she contributed to and the memories she created with her family.

Alicia Allain Net Worth - How Much is He Worth Now
Alicia Allain Net Worth – How Much is He Worth Now

FAQs: Alicia Allain’s Net Worth

What Is The Net Worth Of Alicia Allain?

Her net worth was $1 million.

What was the height & Weight of Alicia Allain?

She stood at approximately 1.52 m with a weight of around 70kg.

Who is Alicia Allain?

Alicia Allain was the third wife of the renowned actor John Schneider famous for “Dukes of Hazzard.”

What is the death reason of Alicia Allain?

Breast cancer is the reason for Alicia Allain’s untimely death.


In this tribute, we celebrate Alicia Allain’s life her significant contributions to the film industry and the love she shared with her family. The world may have lost a talented artist but her legacy lives on through the memories and films she left behind. If you appreciate this post kindly share it with those who want to remember Alicia Allain’s remarkable journey.

Alicia Allain’s Net Worth
Alicia Allain Age
Alicia Allain Children
Alicia Allain Cause of Death

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